Birding with a 500mm F4 or 600mm F4

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Re: The V1 killed my lust for a 500F4

Dr Bob wrote:

I have reviewed your pics on many occasions and some of your owl shots were the reason I got into shooting birds! (that means I can blame you for spending all this money!). The V1/V2 shots look interesting but the limited ability to crop on those bodies means the quality compared to the super tele's isnt there. Also I find the bigger field of view in the viewfinder from a FF body is really important to find some of the birds I am trying to shoot, especially when they are in flight. I think the V2 +80-400 would be great for record shots of distant birds where ultimate IQ is not needed.

Absolutely it's a lot more convenient to find a bird by being able to zoom in, though it's really, really tough to do handheld.

As for 'record shots', yep, could do that just fine.   Of course with the crop factor reach involved, you still get more pixels on the subject with a long lens on a V2 than the same long lens on a D800e.   Not so sure about a D7100.

Looking forward to your new owl shots - when they return. Take care

I went out about 2-3 weeks ago and hiked around the (3) nests.  At the time, only one (the usual one) was occupied by a sitting bird.   However, I flushed another owl out of a tree near nest #2, so it could well be that it will have a nesting pair as well.  Nothing near nest #3 though.

I've had a bad leg injury since the beginning of January (kicked in taekwondo) that has kept me out of the field, but it's starting to heal up enough now to get out to the nests again.   Hopefully I'll be able to get some shots of owl chicks soon.  Here's a V2+300f4+1.4 TC shot from Jan 8:

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