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I love the little V1. Took a two week trip with a couple of them recently and just loved shooting with them. One had the good old 18.5mm mounted on it, the other had the superb 6.7-13mm mounted.

But the thing that drives me nuts about the V1 is the incredibly slow reaction time for exposure adjustment when the light changes. I mean, they made this thing lightning fast when it comes to shutter lag (there is none) and autofocus speed (it is quick!). But if the camera is pointed at the ground as I am walking around, then I raise the camera to my eye to shoot, I have to wait 1-3 seconds for the metering to stabilize. I own three V1 bodies (all bought at firesale prices, and one is being kept in the bag as a spare) and all three do this...maddening!!

Set the "Shutter button AE lock" item to OFF. If it is OFF you don't have to wait, the camera adjusts the exposure while focusing. I made a test a while back, compared the V1, the Nikon D300s and an Olympus SW850. They all require the same time, except that the V1 has that Shutter button lock feature. Once disabled it becomes as fast as any other camera.

That works to a point but if the camera is aimed at a dark scene and you switch quickly to a bright scene (or vise-versa) and immediately snap a shot the camera will focus that fast but the shot will be overexposed (or underexposed). I just tried it with both of my V1s with the same result. In my real world shooting this rarely is a problem however, but I can see how it could be for others in circumstances where they are shooting action that moves from light to dark or the other way 'round.

This is really a non-issue. I have also just done a quick test again, and the camera takes between 1 and 3 seconds, but that includes lifting the camera, aiming and focusing as well, and in my test it takes exactly the same time even in good light, or in equally bad light. Remember that focusing is slower in bad light, which is why it takes longer in that case. But I think one mistake some people are doing is that they wait for the display... The thing is, if you wait for the display to readjust the bias for the new situation then you are losing time. The V1 display is not showing the real exposure anyway, it has display auto bias, so there is no reason for waiting if you are in a hurry. Just aim and press the shutter release as soon as the composition is right. If you eliminate the AF delay and don't care for accurate focus, just the exposure, then the V1 takes less than one second to adjust the exposure from one end to the other, going from 1/4000s ISO 100 f/5.6 to 1/15s ISO3200 f/5.6, which is pretty fast.

Anyway, like I said, when I compared the V1 with those other cameras I got the same results for all of them. I have not yet compared with the D800, but I am pretty sure that even that camera needs time for meter adjustments.

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