re: a lot of pressure on Sony now ... part-II

Started Jan 31, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Tom: thanks, I stand corrected...

...still not a camera for me, esp. as it is touch screen oriented - but at least my knowledge base increased a bit.

Pity that Pana do not design and produce any APS-C MILCs... - the one with a tiltable LHC VF would make a very good competition to the N7-classic. I mean even at 16-20Mpx against 24Mpx of N7... the tradeoff of 4-6Mpx for a built-in EVF, which is so compact and yet much more flexible than a centered faux-prism hump might be tempting enough (1/3 less resolution, but a more versatile built-in VF). But... all this is from a dream-land, alas


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