14mm 2.5 vs 17mm 1.8

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The camera's JPEG engine limits your results

tamras29 wrote:

Having complained about the horrible CA using my Panny 14mm f2.5 on my OM-D EM5, I was looking forward this afternoon to trying the Oly 17mm f1.8 expecting great improvements. The CA is indeed almost unnoticeable, even wide open, but I really was expecting some better IQ too? The images attached are 100% crops from the centre of each, adjusted slightly to compensate for the different focal lengths. JPEGS straight our of camera. As hard as I try, I don't think I can see the difference. The 14mm is wide open at f2.5 the 17mm at F2.8. Same results as aperture goes down. Should I be expecting better from the pro prime compared to the "kit" lens?

I wouldn't classify either prime lens as 'pro' - they're both relatively affordable, non-sealed lenses.

In any case, your problem is that the camera's JPEG engine is a limiting factor for sharpness here.  The differences aren't going to be dramatic and the relatively coarse sharpening used by the camera will mask those.  Things like CA, vignetting and distortion will of course be visible.  If you want to see what the lenses are capable of, shoot RAW and use a good converter like Lightroom plus custom sharpening.  But again, the differences are not that big for these lenses, although I expect if you examine the corners of the frame you may see something (especially if you compare against the kit lens).

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