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Re: North Valley bird trip...

Thanks for the comments and questions.

All photos taken with the EM-1 were with the 90-250 plus TC14 Plus DC 2x (=1416 in ff). I use a tripod for these sitting/stationary bird situations. For me, its a killer combination that far surpasses what I got with the E5 (which I still like and retain). These are all JPEGs, mostly OOC with very little PP adjustments. I have Mysets set up so that I can quickly change from stationary bird situations to dynamic BIF by just pushing one button on the camera. I am using CAF for tracking...ok by my standards, but technique is important. I am steadily improving with action photos: the camera is about as good as the E-5, but perhaps more importantly I am learning better methods of capturing birds in flight (especially understanding and predicting flight patterns). In some ways  Canikon BIF photographers may be handicapped by apparently better action tracking abilities: by that I mean simply capturing a fast bird in flight may not be the most emotionally appealing representation of birds in flight, if you get my drift.

The EM-5 photos deployed the 75-300. I use this setup handheld. For these photos, I was at a wildlife refuge's auto tour in which one can't get out of the car. This small setup is great for pointing out the window of the car. BTW, the EM-5 firmware update (2.0) includes small focus...this allowed me to nail the focus on the grebe. You may notice that the bird was partially hidden by vegetation so the small AF square was set on the head/eyeball.

So for me, these two setups (small EM-5 plus 75-300 and the EM-1 with the big 90-250) work very well. I am delighted with the upgrade!

And I have big hands too!

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