Color change from D7000 to D7100

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Pi lover wrote:

Bernard Delley wrote:

These images were taken one after the other using the same lens, left D7000 right D7100. The raw images were extracted by ACR and assembled in PS without corrections. Conditions were under heavily overcast sky with Auto WB. The auto WB went a bit more blue-ish on the D7100, clearly visible in the skin colour. This may easily be adjusted in PP.

The most striking is the colour of the windbreaker: clearly blue according to both images. It appears that way in images consistently. To the eye the windbreaker is consistently and clearly "green"! Below is a version with the windbreaker corrected to the proper eyeball colour.

I was talking to a friend the other day and pointed out pictures don't look like the actual scene you are photographing. This confused him. Colors are one aspect. Blur/ bokeh is another. Just choosing the part of the scene to show would be another. Point in time/ context etc. etc. etc.

We aren't recreating "there" in many ways.

The blue jeans also show an overly saturated blue. Did you have the saturation set to 0 on both examples and if you adjust settings can you get closer to true colors? (on both cameras) That would save you a lot of PP time.

of course one would expect from a basic colour photograph that the colours look correct. That is the case to a surprising degree. And for demanding people, there is colour management to push this colour correctness to a higher level.

This fun object reminds me that things can go wrong, because the camera does not exactly reproduce the tri- stimulus spectra of the eye. I believe this windbreaker has a narrow spectrum between green and blue, which happens to fall clearly to the blue side by the CFA of the camera.

I do not feel a categorical imperative to PP to 'correct' colours.

I normally us SD or NL settings on the camera, albeit that should not matter with raw files.

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