Faked DSLR - A new trend for the mirrorless.

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Re: Absolutely correct!

cainn24 wrote:

Glen Barrington wrote:

And if someone can find a believable reason why the recent MILCs are shaped like DSLRs (actually, I think I have come up with two such reasons, but I can't prove them) I'm willing to stop calling that hump, a fake pentaprism housing.

Is there something wrong with utilising an ergonomic paradigm that a large percentage of your potential customer base is already familiar with? Pentaprism or not, I've always preferred cameras with a robust DSLR-style grip, and a VF that's in roughly the same place it's always been in the SLR cameras I grew up with and loved.

It certainly wouldn't be the first example of ergonomics and aesthetics being initially dictated by design considerations but later developing into usability preferences, whether they be practical or more visceral in nature.

Nothing wrong with any of that if you ask me.

What is really amusing (and a little sad because it speaks volumes to the mentality of the writers), is the people who deride the styling of cameras as being "old fashioned", or "retro" or "hipster" aren't actually coming up with any ideas regarding what would work better for most users.
They seem to want a camera that George Jetson would be proud to carry, but they don't have any ideas about what that camera should look like and won't discuss whether it would be an ergonomic nightmare or something that a person could actually use for photography.
So they bleat about camera designs that work as being old fashioned, retro or whatever, but come off as being really clueless about why camera design has been pretty fixed for the past half century.

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