The worst thing about the V1...

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Re: The worst thing about the V1...

WD wrote:

You're right! After reading your post, I went outside and made some snaps of the same scene, rotating briskly from bright scene to darker scene and compared a "delayed" shot to a "quick" one. Totally different exposure!

Previously, I'd wrongly attributed it to the EVF merely adjusting and didn't connect it with actual exposure. But in fact, the V1 takes a noticeably longer time to adjust exposure than it does to focus in good light.

However, the actual image in the EVF does not exactly correlate to the overall image brightness of the actual photo once it "settles down". In other words, unlike, say, a Panny G6, one can +/- exposure up to 3 stops each way with no change in EVF brightness on the V1. With the Panny, one can very accurately judge the finished exposure from the EVF display, especially when a live histogram is displayed in one corner of the EVF, since the display lightens or darkens according to exposure adjustments. Very helpful, and something the V3 should definitely have...when, and if, it is ever announced.

That "Auto Gain" in EVF brightness is my worst gripe about the V1 (followed by lack of wireless flash commander).   I HATE that you can't judge exposure by the EVF and there is no live histogram in the EVF.   Im contemplating a move to M4/3 specifically to get the WYSIWYG viewfinder amongst many other upgrades (to the GX7)

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