Our (photographers) taste in photos vs the general public

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Maybe give it a rest?


You can avoid all of my following hectoring by scrolling down to the very last line that I wrote on the page!


Florida Nature Photographer wrote:

GeorgianBay1939 wrote:

Perhaps the OP is starting to question the effectiveness of C&C in defining his own values in the art. Another good/big step for him.

Actually, this thread has reinforced, for me, the value of hearing the opinions of those more experienced than me.

No doubt! But has it helped you define your own values in the art?

Or is it just more of the same consensus gathering attempts to find "good art"?

If the weather cooperates I will be shooting photos tonight and there are several things that I will be doing differently from what I would normally do. Things that I don't know if I would have ever changed if I just kept shooting on my own, and judging my work on my own, without this kind of critique.

My sincere thanks to all those who have offered their critique. Including those who offered an opinion that differed from a previous poster and those that confirmed what was said in previous posts.

(bold italics mine) What else would you expect? Are you really forming value based upon the ratio of confirmation/difference?

I am confident that I will have no trouble developing my own style after I have learned some of the basic concepts that were expressed to me these past few days. I plan to build a solid foundation of accepted knowledge.

Do you really think that this C&C methodology is an effective way to build a solid foundation of "accepted knowledge"?

Is there a difference between "accepted" knowledge and "valid, useful knowledge". How do you tell the difference between "accepted" knowledge and "valid, useful knowledge"? By popular vote? By consensus? By developing critical assessment skills? By determining which "knowledge" is appropriate to your values, objectives, desires, skill level, artistic appreciation, photo opportunities, equipment, time investment etc.?

Then I can decide which guidelines I will choose to break, and when, in coming to terms with who I will become as a photographer.

I expect it to be an exciting and enjoyable journey and I hope some will enjoy following me as I progress and that they will continue to help guide me.

No doubt. A lot of folks have given their valuable time to give you thoughtful advice for quite a few months now. I don't know about others but I am now starting to feel that you are choosing to debate the quality of the advice given just for the sake of argument or defense of your current level of growth. Too bad to see that self-limiting behaviour.

You might want to give your current methodology a rest  to spend more time

  • with your camera doing some wild experimenting* with a variety of scenes
  • with your computer doing some wild manipulation** of your image files
  • visiting museums, art galleries, even the internet, studying*** a variety of artistic expressions

to develop YOUR ability to tell the difference between YOUR great output, YOUR good output and YOUR crap. After all, that is YOUR responsibility, isn't it?

Good luck. Have fun.


* Experimenting - well informed by a good understanding of the technical basics of digital photography and your camera(s). Lots of help available here.

** Manipulation - well informed by a good understanding of your software. Lots of helpful places other than 1041 on the internet.

*** Studying - Study the Aesthetics .

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