What is your idea of "the lens gap?"

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Ok, I'll bite

This is what I think is needed to make MFT a far more competitive and equivalent system in relation to the big two - while trying to be sensible in terms of what is practical and also what still fits into the ethos of a small, compact system.

1. A decent quality superwide that takes normal screw in filters. Something like an 8-14mm f4-5.6 would be good. A 7.5-18mm would be even nicer (Fuji now have this, so why not?)

2. A couple of tilt shift lenses. 12mm for landscape and 45mm macro for products. If they are feeling generous, also give us a 22.5mm as well.

3. A very high quality 12-60mm would I'm sure go down well. I personally think that wanting this to be something like f2.8 constant is going to simply make it too big (and anyone who says they want an f2 version needs to have their head beaten in, in the hope that it will knock some sense into them!). So making this something like an f3.5-5.6 might be ok, if they can keep it sharp across the frame and at all focal lengths.

4. A longer macro for easier working distances. 90 or 100mm. Prob the latter.

The above would be my personal wishes, however to add:

5. Maybe a flagship telephoto lens so that a few choice professionals can be paid, bribed, encouraged, whatever, to promote the system as a wildlife option with good reach due to the crop factor, it would be good to have perhaps a 300mm prime. Some would argue for an f2.8 version, but as that already exists in 4/3, I'd go for a super high quality f4 version that's ultra sharp wide open and the size/weight saving would I'm sure be very appealing (and I'm sure people (marketing departments) could mis-use equivalence and try to call it a 600mm f4 look-alike to con punters into buying it as a lighter option to the Canon £10K L version!)

6. I'm not personally one into super telephoto stuff (birds are for eating, not taking photos of!), but I realise this is one of the reasons the masses buy cameras, so it might be an idea to try and do something clever here. What, I'm not sure, but with all this collapsing lens design we've been seeing with the 14-42x, 12-32 and oly's 9-18 etc, I wonder if they could pull off something that expands monstrously, while being fairly compact when collapsed?

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