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Re: Tom: the Pana GM1 ??

nevercat wrote:

jpr2 wrote:

today is the very I-st time I have encountered that name on the NEX forum - upon checking closer the reasons got crystal clear:

  • a fixed-lens compact;

No it is a m43 camera. In fact the first M43 camera that realy bennefits from the smaller sensor, as it is realy small!

Phyisically the size of a Pentax Q, I am using it with the RJ M42 to M4/3 focal reducer.

  • of tiny sensor;

When you find m43 tiny yes, others will find it a larger sensor

  • and no built-in VF (of any kind, even a tunnel visor typical of some P&S would be better than no VF at all);

No so does my old Nex 5, so will be the A5000 etc.

My tripod mount Clearviewer has been shipped.

in other words completely out of my scope. However, I do understand your excitement stemming from (supposedly) excellent ergonomics - even if the exact causes of such excitement still remain rather obscure . But then a good UI and handling seldom can be fully appreciated without personal & physical experience with any item. Given our exchanges on these issues in the past couple of years I'll trust you that it might be good to even exceptional product in its category, and yet... it is bound to remain of a purely academic interest

If a camera is ergonomicly great depends as much on the user who must find it a nice handling camera in their hands. I for instance don't like touch screens, as with my smartphone it will often not work as good as it should be. Maybe its my hands or so, but I would not like it when I must rely on the touchscreen on my camera. Others will find a touchscreen great as it works with their hands well....

I have never previously used touch screen on a camera.  But the GM1 implementation is very logical and the big benefit is that it picks up five very easy to use customisable function keys on touch screen (six total). So how many function keys has a NEX? In a camera this small use of touch is so logical and leaves the body itself relatively clean and unadorned - a brilliant solution.  No girly icons on the touch screen, strictly business only.

I have my Nocticron on pre-order (no kidding) this little baby is a powerful little beast already.

I think the Pana GM1 is a great little camera, only not for me, I like my Nex 5 better, so I will stay with that camera for some time...

The GM1 aces my NEX6 in depth of firmware support and configurability. It has four custom modes, an interval mode, it can be remote controlled from smartphone (so can the NEX).  I have already run quite a few lenses past it including a Takumar 50/1.4 (aka 70/1.0 on the focal reducer) and a number of LTM lenses.

Check the dpreview for starters this little camera is no toy.


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