Which would you choose? V1 @ $200 or V2 @ $500

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Re: Which would you choose? V1 @ $200 or V2 @ $500

I would get the V1 and save the money for lenses. I had to make the same decision last month and I decided the V2 design and features are not worth the $200+ to me. I decided on the V1 with the 10mm and added the 18.5, 30-110, and SB-N5.

The other big plus for the V1 is the battery. It lasts much longer than the smaller batteries of the V2 or J3. If you have a D800 or D7000 you can share batteries between the 2 systems.

I would not get the 10-30 lens because its maximum aperture of f3.5 drastically reduces the N1 autofocus performance under low light. I also find its long end too short most of the time. Then there's also all the reports of sudden failure of this particular lens.

BTW. If you're lucky you may still find the 30-110mm at Target for $57.

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