4K video: do you want it?

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Re: 4K video: do you want it?

Sean Nelson wrote:

tpani wrote:

That chart is nonsense. Most people can easily see the difference between HD and 4K on a 24" desktop display.

The chart is not nonsense. The reason that most people can see the difference on a 24" desktop display is that most people sit no more than 2 feet away from it. If you're viewing from a distance that's less than about twice the screen width then you can start to appreciate the extra resolution of 4K.

The issue with television sets is that most people just don't sit that close to them. Sets in the 40-55" range seem to be most common and they're typically viewed from a distance of 8 feet or more - at those kinds of apparent sizes 4K isn't going to make any real difference.

In theory, yes. In practice, maybe not:


My theory on why so many people could tell the 4K set from the 1080p one? Dynamic Range, and colour reproduction. It's a given that no-ones eyesight is sharp enough to make out the 4 pixels in the space of 1 pixel at the distance they were being tested, but the colour and brightness levels of those 4 pixels is combined, summed, so in effect you are getting 2 bits more brightness info. Even if the Contrast Ratio of both screens had been dialed in to be the same, the 4K screen would still have better Dynamic Range (more effective bit depth). 4K screens tend to have a wider colour gamut as well, and lastly even if the 4K video was colour subsampled at 4:2:0, the colour resolution was still higher than the people could resolve at that distance.

So I'm not surprised the 4K screen looked better. But these advantages could have been eliminated if the 1080p video was 10 bit colour and 4:2:2, and the screen was capable of showing it.

Most video editing software that exists now can handle 4:2:2, 10 bit colour support could be added with minor updates, and the storage and processing overhead is way smaller than going to 4K.

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