14mm 2.5 vs 17mm 1.8

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Re: Lens sharpness

exdeejjjaaaa wrote:

and the rest of test sites are surely using just one (the same) copy between all of them :-)...

In the matter of resolution i trust only Pekka Potka and Roger Cicala because both went to great lengths to explain their measuring methods, showing their targets, etc.

R. Cicala wrote recently an article at Petapixel. But he has the added advantage of using more samples since he must lend them! His findings are also backed and cross checked with IMATEST.

Finally he rechecked the PL 25/1.4 because he couldn't believe the low resolution at 1.4.

By 2.8 the PL lens overcomes the Sigmas, but only just, and not the 14/2.5. What would you have bought?

With the E-M5 I go for resolution since I can reach clean 2000 ASA. I couldn't care a fig fora  lens alleged prestige, it doesn't improve my piccies one bit


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