We know 8fps is great, but lets see some images where fps did not matter

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Re: We know 8fps is great, but lets see some images where fps did not matter

Devendra wrote:

Our jfriend, who is highly skilled, has shown some valid shots where 8fps can be helpful in sports. Most of us do not shoot sports, but do plenty of actions. No one is denying the validity of those images or how much fun 8fps is to get focused shots, but whenever we are responding with alternatives, or subsequent arguments, we are seeing strong authoritative (non-jfriend) replies that try to put us down. I was even surprised to see a threatening PM.

Since we are getting bombarded with such interesting posts, nor getting our voices heard, it will be nice to see action shots where fps did not matter. If they are well composed, even better. Definitely feel free to add fps shots too.

To start off here is a couple of shots that I got away with, what I believe, a compelling shot. Just 2 frames got the job done.

and here is how it quickly ended

The above one was shot with a pithly D70 back in the days with badly reputed IQ. Despite being 6mp, it looks sharp and detailed at 20x30 print on a 24x36 frame. This the reason why I question, how large do you print.

Thankfully I learned that luck and timing are highly critical early on. More FPS also helps but never been a show stopper.

I will post more shots later since I have a ton of examples.. but meanwhile wanted to enjoy what others have taken.

Here are a few, the first two with the Manual Focus 75-150 3.5 Series E both on the D300 and the last with the Manual Focus Nikkor-S NKJ 50MM 1.4, on the D5000. Lots of others, somewhere on the site or my drive...  




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