NOT AGAIN..OH LOOK 7D replacement rumor AGAIN :(

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I believe my 7D cameras will be performing well enough in Q4 2014, and beyond. Moreover, having seen the images posted by members such as Searching and ToXiQ recently, here in this section of the forum, I see that I can improve with my present equipment.

It's strange.
Everyone rates the 7D so highly as one of the best APS-C bodies out there, and yet at the same time large numbers of people seem to be delighted by the prospect of it's imminent replacement.

I don't get it (and I didn't get a 7D either).

The 7d is still a good crop body but there are certain key areas where it falls short compared to today's competition. If you are using it for taking pictures in good light without very much contrast you will probably be fine. However, if you use it in poor light and high DR situations you will likely notice that it gets ugly in the shadows very fast. If you try to use the so called full HD video for any serious work you will soon notice that the clips are unsharp and filled with moire and other false artefacts. The autofocus probably needs an update also. So after using the 7d for more than 2 years I sold it last summer and got myself a 6d which is obviously full frame but the difference in IQ is huge. For video I have used a Panasonic Gh3 for about a year now and it absolutely kills the 7d for video. These are the reasons why I think Canon should replace the 7d sooner rather than later.

It was the poor noise performance and the number of people reporting focussing problems that stopped me from getting the 7D.
Like you I went for the 6D and have not been disappointed.
I don't shoot video, so that's of no concern to me.

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