Faked DSLR - A new trend for the mirrorless.

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Re: What other shape do you want it to be?

Dennis wrote:

MoreorLess wrote:

Its been quite amusing to see the Df derided as a "dentists camera" only for Fuji to come out with something essentially the same as few months latter and the efforts certain people will go to in trying to differentiate them.

The thing is, the Df is derided as a dentists camera not only by mirrorless fans, but by DSLR users (Nikon users included). Sometimes, criticism is fanboyism. Sometimes companies screw up.

For me, while the Fuji may be "retro done right" and the Nikon, "retro done wrong", the Df has the ability to fall back to two-dial control, which, although modern, is very handy. I find the retro dials very appealing, but the twin dials on my DSLR (and recent film SLRs before them) to be much more practical for controlling the camera while looking through the VF. So while the Df may be the dentists camera, the Fuji is still something of a hipster camera

In this case though I'd say its fanboyism from both sides, the Df is hated by insecure DSLR users because it offers a different interface from the camera they've invested in just as its hated by insecure mirrorless users because it "steps on their turf".

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