Do You Use the Neck Strap?

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Re: Do You Use the Neck Strap?

I would like a Black Rapid sling strap.
But I'm a tight 4rse.
So I just bought the little Black Rapid fitting that screws into the tripod mount on your camera from my local camera shop - about $18 - as opposed to the ~$70 of a Black Rapid rig.
I then bought about 2m of 1.25" webbing, 1x 1.25" Side Release Fastex 2 X1/25" Tri glides and assembled an adjustable loop.

That's the sling bit.

The interface between the Black Rapid fiting on the tripod mount on my camera and the sling is small carabiner bought from a local outdoors shop - this is NOT the sort of cheap carabiner you buy for a keyring. This is load rated and has the load certification stamped in. I think it is about 200kg. 
Carabiner was about $7.
So my home made Black Rapid knockoff was about $30 or half price and works very well.
Actually I've heard a couple of reports of the hook that connects to the camera on some Black Rapids snapping and have seen people suggest using strong nylon cord or small ziplock cable ties like you can get at electronics shops as well as the hook as insurance.
Hopefully Black Rapid have re-engineered the part by now.

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