Birding with a 500mm F4 or 600mm F4

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Re: Birding with a 500mm F4 or 600mm F4

I have the 600 VR and use it with both my D7100 and D700. I find that I use the 1.4x TC rarely with the D7100, but a fair amount with the D700. I use the 2x TC very rarely and only in great light.

It really depends on the wildlife/bird you are shooting. Some are smaller and more skittish than others. For eagles, For BIF, I find that the bare lens is best, just because it is hard to find the bird in the viewinder with the 1.4x TC and keep tracking it, especially with the D7100.

It is very helpful to learn stalking techniques and the use of a blind helps tremendously to get and stay closer to birds and wildlife.

The 600 VR is very big and heavy and you must use a very large and sturdy tripod. I use a gimbal as well. My 600 VR rig runs about 17-18 lbs in weight for the whole thing, and is awkward to move around quickly.

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