What is your idea of "the lens gap?"

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Re: What is your idea of "the lens gap?"

Jim Salvas wrote:

You still haven't explained why the 45 and 25 are the same price. This does not happen in other formats.
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Jim Salvas

My $350 45mm is sharper wide open than my $200 Nikon 35mm f1.8 was, particularly in the corners.  Part of the extra cost goes towards a design that works better at f1.8.  The Nikon lenses would cost more than they do if they offered similar optical performance.

But I agree that it would be nice to have a $200 25mm f1.8 option.  While the 45mm may be better optically I was never disappointed with the pictures I took with the Nikon 35mm.  It was a good lens and plenty sharp enough for my purposes. It may not have been as sharp in the corners but was always more than good enough optically for what I used it for and what I would use the Olympus 25mm for.  I used it mostly indoors without a flash and when I got poor results it was due to motion blur, focus errors or pushing the ISO too high.  The subject was rarely in the corners so even if the corners were not razor sharp it did not matter.  The optical performance of the 45mm is overkill for many people.

There should have been an option for "decent f1.8 prime for $200 or less" option in the poll.  All of the SLR systems have a lens like that.  I previously owned a NEX-5N and while I was not impressed with the zooms Sony made for that system the $300 50mm f1.8 was a very good lens.  And that $300 included image stabilization.

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