The worst thing about the V1...

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camerosity wrote:

I love the little V1. Took a two week trip with a couple of them recently and just loved shooting with them. One had the good old 18.5mm mounted on it, the other had the superb 6.7-13mm mounted.

But the thing that drives me nuts about the V1 is the incredibly slow reaction time for exposure adjustment when the light changes. I mean, they made this thing lightning fast when it comes to shutter lag (there is none) and autofocus speed (it is quick!). But if the camera is pointed at the ground as I am walking around, then I raise the camera to my eye to shoot, I have to wait 1-3 seconds for the metering to stabilize. I own three V1 bodies (all bought at firesale prices, and one is being kept in the bag as a spare) and all three do this...maddening!!

This is true, although in my experience the maximum meter lag time is closer to 2 seconds when scene brightness changes abruptly. Apparently Nikon designed in this metering lag on purpose to avoid abrupt changes of exposure when in the video mode. I would have preferred Nikon had not done this, but being mindful of this limitation and allowing the metering time to settle in with abrupt changes in lighting happen, I have not had any over or under exposures because of it. One thing that helps reduce meter lag induced over or under exposure is to use a neck or hand strap that keeps the camera pointed horizontally, and not vertically at the sky or the ground.

- Jon

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