Is A mount Sony's Titanic?

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Re: Does your camera work?

WaltKnapp wrote:

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JamieTux wrote:

Because they were worth servicing... The shutter life was not rated anything like the life time of a modern interchangeable lens camera. So you serviced them at times - that's what kept them working

Plus you don't shoot as fast, or take nearly as many pictures with film. People were not taking 1000 shots per outing back in the film days.

Even entire long forays you rarely did that. You shot in groups of 20, 24 or 36. And often had to ration how many of those you did to afford it (or could carry)

Funny thing, pretty much everything around was photographed with film before there was digital. All those huge number of shots were clearly not needed. If anything they just encourage not growing your photography skills.

Only shutter I wore out on a film slr was a fabric curtain shutter. The fabric did eventually wear through. Once the metal shutters entered the picture shutter replacement was rare.

Film did have motor drives available and you could burn through film if you could afford it. You could even fit huge film magazines on cameras to keep on shooting. But other than journalism most did not bother with motor drives. I used one for a while but it made the camera too heavy and unbalanced, just like the add ons that evolved from them with digitals.

One of the fun things is how many film and TV shows still use the sound of a motor driven film camera as the sound of somebody photographing something, even if it's clearly a digital camera. Of course there are less and less people who even know what that sound is.

Walt admittedly I should have bought the macro flash system while I had the chance, and I debated very hard at the time if it would be a waste of money or not as it was unknown what Sony would do once they took over the future direction of the A-mount, there was no hard information at the time. In the end I dallied too long and the run out sales of Minolta gear finished and that was that.

My thinking was that if Sony maintains the A-mount properly the macro flash system will be available to be bought as well, and it was eventually…sort of, but only half of it, Sony decided to delete the all-important ring flash component and flog some useless LED ring light of their own (with its own separate battery box) in its place. Of course I refused to waste money on the Sony version/s.

That episode did have one important function, it sent a clear signal that Sony was in unfamiliar territory and messing with things they didn’t understand from a photographer’s point of view. However to give Sony their due they are quite adept at making one off things that can attract buyers, some of which are actually very good in their own right.

But when it comes to maintaining continuity in a photographic system, not so good.

I agree it’s peculiar that they use the motor drive sound effect in movies or TV shows with digital cameras and it’s probably quite correct that a lot of young people wouldn’t identify with the sound, there is a bird that can make the sound although it too wouldn’t have the slightest idea what actually makes it, the bird makes some camera shutter sounds among other things, impact drills, car alarms and chainsaws.

Good as the Lyre bird is with sound though ornithologist Kim Bostwick has photographed a Mannikin that can do a Michael Jackson moonwalk, only better I doubt that it would ever have been or would be photographed so well with a film camera of any kind.


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