What is your idea of "the lens gap?"

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Re: What is your idea of "the lens gap?"

broody wrote:

The 25mm will come down in price soon enough... Nowadays most electronics seem to be released with an initial price hike, in anticipation of the increasingly common practice of treating online ordering services' return politicies as a 'free rental' - people who order tons of stuff from Amazon just to try it, without intention of keeping it, and return it within a month for a full refund, cost the OEMs a lot of money as the inventory of used items can only be sold significantly under MRSP...

There was a thread in the open forum a year ago about returns being sold as new.  If a lens was not returned as defective, all the packaging is present and the lens shows no wear then it is put back on the shelf and sold as new.  The B&H rep confirmed this is their practice and it sounds like it is the standard for most retailers with liberal return policies.  If all the returns were not sold as new there would be a LOT more open box and refurbished lenses for sale.  We do not pay more for liberal return policies, we might get a lightly used lens instead of one that has not been touched by human hands since it left the factory though.

The other thing to consider is a lot of camera manufacturers have minimum advertised price polices designed to protect small dealers.  To get the cameras direct from the manufacturer retailers cannot go below this price.  While they cannot compete on price they can offer things like no questions asked return policies.  If lens prices are initially high I do not think it has anything to do with the return policies.

I never buy something with the intention of returning it but I have returned things that did not perform as expected.  Last year I sent back a fairly expensive tripod because the ball head was too stiff and I was having a hard time positioning it correctly.  I think it was defective but it might have been that that is just the way it was designed.  Either way I am glad I ordered it from B&H and could return it without having to prove it was defective.

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