Is A mount Sony's Titanic?

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Re: Is A mount Sony's Titanic?

cosmonaut wrote:

When is the last time you have heard of a company just dumping a mount, well Olympus. Sony has a reputation of loyalty to long time shooters. I am not worried and the E mount is a long way from performing like a SLT.--

Minolta dumping their MD mount for their incompatable A mount, been there done that, recently toss a large excellent MD mount system in the dumpster.

One fairly unique to just a few of us.  Dumping A mount in DSLR for Minolta's APS mount to make a smaller camera.  With the RD175 and not returning until far, far later with the 7D. And they did not keep the APS mount or interchangable lenses with digital during that period. Yes you could say they continued A mount, but only in film in that period. And had they stuck with A mount DSLRs back then, they had virtually no competition then.  Nikon and Canon were a long time away from digitals then, Sony only had just thought of the Mavica, not even cybershot.  Had they not abandoned DSLR A mount then its easily possible they would be the dominant digital now.  Instead they decided the digital market was small EVF equipped consumer style digitals. And only way late came back to A mount DSLR.

Several others also changed mount when they went from MF to AF.

And where did you find long term loyalty with Sony? Their history is more changing according to their own whim than paying attention to their customers.

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