Making a Intervalometer for the a7/7R

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Making a Intervalometer for the a7/7R

I posted this in another thread put thought I would put it here as the question has came up a few times. As we know there is a time lapse app on the Sony app market for $10.00 but this does little good for us that plan to use a slider or had rather have more control. Or just longer exposures than 30 seconds.

I figured out real quick the the a7/7R has something new going on in it's remote port. Unlike in the past with other cameras it's a little more complicated than just shorting two pins together on the a7/7R to make the shutter fire or auto focus. I guess maybe Sony has bigger plans for the remote port in the future with video options.

With my Pixel TW-282TX I can usually just buy a different cable for each system I use, Nikon, Olympus, Sony ext. But there is not one available for the a7/7R and I am not sure it will work if someone tried to make one. The RM-VPR-1 fires the shutter but not by shorting contacts. It must be sending a voltage or a resistance or something. But with that this is my work around so far.

I opened the RM-VPR1 up and soldered two wires across the shutter release button. The big black one on top. This wasn't easy as the contacts are quite small so be warned. But it is doable. I have fat fingers and I managed. I used wire that was a little to big as well.

Then I take those to wires and made a male plug to go on the end and then to my Pixel. So now when the Pixel calls for the shutter it is shorting the shutter contacts inside the RM-VPR1 and in turn the shutter fires on my a7/7R. The bad is no third wire for auto focus. This is a none issue with me as I am shooting totally manual for time lapse. So I manual focus.

This option is also great if you use a slider and control a slider motor. On long exposures I don't want the camera moving during the exposure so it's important that I control the shutter between motor movements.

Care must be taken when making the plugs to get the right two pins to match the Pixel. I needed a ohm meter for this. Until something else hits the market that will work this will do. Besides when I am doing time lapse of stars it's quit time consuming and I don't want to tie up my phone running the app.

I use a Dynamic Preseption MX2 to control my slider that also has a camera control. I just put the MX2 in the place of the Pixel. The MX2 also controls the slider motor.

I hope this helps someone.

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