What is your idea of "the lens gap?"

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Re: What is your idea of "the lens gap?"

Jim Salvas wrote:

micksh6 wrote:

Jim Salvas wrote:

murfthesurf wrote:

Mark Thornton wrote:

Agreed, I had rather hoped that it would be much closer in price to the 45mm instead of nearly twice the price.

Huh? At B&H, they are the exact same price:

Actually, that's the problem, regardless of what Mark said. One of these two lenses deserves to be much cheaper, if not both. Either the 25/1.8 should be priced less than the Nikon 50/1.8 G lens, or the 45 should be priced less than that. That Nikon, a very good lens, sells for a little over $200 and covers a much bigger image circle.

What is the justification for each Olympus lens costing twice as much just to cover the 4/3 sensor?

Economies of scale. Less volume - more R&D cost per unit, cost of components also decreases with super large volumes that Canon and Nikon have.

For example, Apple secures multi-billion deals in advance in order to get millions of parts cheaper than competitors, so Apple gets higher profit. Neither Olympus nor Panasonic can afford that.

Possibly miniaturization also plays some role, but it's mostly about number of units sold.

People must realize that before choosing m4/3 system, but most don't, so we have lots of price complaints and some threaten to go back to DSLR.

You still haven't explained why the 45 and 25 are the same price. This does not happen in other formats.

It's easy to explain if you abstract from image circle that lens covers.
Nikon 35mm F1.8 (52mm in APS-C) is about $200, same price as Nikon 50mm F1.8 (75mm in APS-C). Only Canon doesn't have lens similar to 50mm F1.8 but shorter, so it can't be compared. Canon users have cheap 50mm F1.8 but it's an exception from the rule.

The image circle covered by lens is not that important considering that both Pana 20mm F1.7 and Oly 45mm F1.8 can cover APS-C image circle. See at the end of this post here.

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