Knox - the "No Evidence" lie.

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Knox - the "No Evidence" lie.

After a number of posts on here it's pretty apparent that many Americans have bought the "no evidence" lie perpetrated by the American media and driven by Amanda Knox's PR campaign. Knox's TV appearances in the US and elsewhere have been carefully stage managed to perpetuate this completely ridiculous assertion. There is in fact a wealth of evidence, both circumstantial and physical, as well as Knox's and Sollecito's own well documented lies which says otherwise. Clearly there are plenty of people not interested in the truth who have tried to turn it into some bizarre anti-American conspiracy. For those that are then the best place to start is the following powerpoint presentation which contains a synopsis of the key evidence.

The site this originates from is run voluntarily and the information therein comes from Italian, British and Americans interested in ensuring the truth is known. Some of them are practising lawyers and professional people devoting their spare time to collating all the data points. They have had the judicial reports translated into English and they have also had people present in court and visiting the crime scene (externally) to verify certain details. There is an anti-knox sentiment but that's whats commonly known as "cause and effect". The counter site in the US "Injustice in Perugia" is part of the Knox PR campaign and their "reviews" of evidence is collated by paid people and is far less comprehensive and accurate, there have also been instances of deliberate misinformation including doctored photographs, this only adds to the lie.

The following link is to the True Justice for Meredith Kercher site, on the right hand side of the page you will find the links to every single piece of the puzzle, comprehensive analysis on both sides of the argument and dissection of the evidence to a forensic level. This has always been in the public domain which makes it both shameful and embarrassing that many news agencies have completely ignored it.

So to those people who keep bleating the "No evidence" lie I suggest you start at the powerpoint above and then go further if you're still not sure. I've read the vast majority of it and I defy anyone to read it and then come back and repeat this fallacy. I'd also recommend reading some of the Judicial reports so you can actually get a clue on why she is still in a status of guilty (pending ratification from the Supreme Court and another possible appeal).

My personal opinion on Knox (FWIW) is that she is very high on the sociopathic scale, she demonstrates all the traits, pathological lying, superciliousness, arrogance, lack of empathy, risk taking etc etc. Her disgusting recent quivering platitudes to the Kerchers on TV are typical of her attempting to manipulate the public and media. Bear in mind that despite a request from John Kercher (Merediths father) that she did not use Photo's of Meredith on her blog she ignored him, that's the real Amanda Knox. For Americans think a smarter Jody Arias and you won't go far wrong.

For those that bother to read the real evidence and are still insistent on the fallacies and lies spread by the Friends of Amanda Knox (FOA) ask yourself this, in light of Knoxs lies and complete absence of a coherent alibi, the fact that her and Sollecito couldn't even get their stories straight, the fact that she implicated an innocent man (for which she has been convicted), the fact that the court again found her guilty with a completely new set of judges and jurors, why does she keep failing in her appeals? (The first one has been annulled due to glaring inconsistencies from the judges, who are under suspicion of corruption and have effectively ended their own careers).

Personally I am confident her sentence will be eventually ratified, whether she is extradited or not is completely different issue, I am completely confident she was there and involved in the murder of Kercher, the evidence is overwhelming.

Another interesting site is a deception experts view on Knox, one with very high success rate, worth a look for some analysis on her behaviour in front of the camera.

There is also an American journalist with some integrity, Andrea Vogt, who has been on the money all the way through, but then she is actually based in Italy, is fluent in Italian and bothers to report the facts. FWIW the British press haven't been any better either, so no anti-US rants please, this is about justice and not nationality.

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