Is A mount Sony's Titanic?

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Re: No, its their Pro Series Mount

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

Joe M. wrote:

No I think Sony is Positioning the A-mount into the ProSumer / Professional Arena. They will not abandon the A-mount to much glass out there Old and New. I think the A-mount is going to be above the Emount and that the Emount is going to be the new affordable first DSLR Style camera for P/S photographers. Like the New A3000. I am sure that Sony will have a Great and Very Pro Series NEX7 replacement but I really want to see what they replace the A77 with and the A99 with.

Give them time and they will announce something soon.

How many years is in giving them time? We have been giving them time, now it looks more like prodding is needed big time.

Looks more like they are trying to transform E mount into their Pro line. Hoping folks won't notice the inherent limitations in the E mount design.

If you think E-mount is what a pro line is about, then our standards itself differ. They are fine cameras and many will qualify as pro ready but that is not something where A-mount needs to be.

You say you have given ample time. I say, I have only seen you complain for at least couple of years (for that matter, E-mount isn't even 4). The landscape has changed dramatically and mirrorless technology will be a force to be reckoned it. The question is, have you moticed that?

Yes I have noticed mirrorless. What you might want to notice is if it will be shooting different photos, or will photos look just the same? I say it's not adding anything to the photography itself, and to be a "force to be reckoned with" it's really got to introduce new photography which it won't.

If you agree, then why do you think Sony should do what Minolta was doing (and ended up on Sony's lap)? Why do you think Sony should follow Pentax (now sitting on Ricoh's lap)? And why do you think Sony should simply follow the Canon-Nikon establishment... do as they do, and expect to be taken seriously?

Let's see, Minolta was trying to recover from a massive company killing court loss. And failed.  You have in mind which such court cost Sony's recovering from? No, they will have to die in a different way, can't follow Minolta.  And they are not following Minolta's expert understanding of photo equipment technology or photography itself either, that is abundantly clear now.

Seven years is not a long time to establish a brand in a highly competitive segment much less where an establishment dominates pretty much like a duopoly.

It takes time, starting with a plan and adhering to it. The E-mount offered Sony a growth area where the establishment has shown reluctance. I would wager that something like Nikon Df is in direct response to many Nikon owne

The growth area for E mount's philosophy was already being rapidly filled with cell phone cameras.

Nikon Df does not have the built in limitations that E mount does. It's like a variation of an A mount camera would be in Sony.  I'd be interested in a high quality APS DSLR from Sony, but it would not be for the lenses, it would shoot the same A mount lenses.

rs looking at Sony E-mount to use their old, beloved lenses. The A-mount cannot do that.

So it makes sense for Sony to take a different approach, possibly a highly advanced one that breaks the ground differently than E-mount could. Pro line is NOT about portability first which is the primary goal of the E-mount. That is where A-mount must step in.

Well, it's very questionable in things directly important to taking photographs that they are doing a highly advanced approach.

In all brands the ones hanging on to old lenses is a minor part.  If anything that occurs more with Sony and it's primarily folks who can't or won't buy current priced lenses.  Lenses someone is about to toss in the trash are cheap but cheap does not mean better photographically.

Yep I differ, I can't buy every high priced lens but I'll save money to try over buying a less capable older lens.  Quality as a photographic tool counts more to me than cheap price.  And my older lenses and equipment here was culled and all that old stuff went into the dumpster last year. Including a lot I loved to shoot with long ago.

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