Is A mount Sony's Titanic?

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Re: Does your camera work?

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if yes please use it and be done with it. Your contax went on working after contax's death so what?

Those contax's were much more durable and long lived than modern digital cameras. You did notice that the contax shot film, and most types of film are gone. Without film they are worthless and can not work no matter how durable.

Because they were worth servicing... The shutter life was not rated anything like the life time of a modern interchangeable lens camera. So you serviced them at times - that's what kept them working

Yes it was but the point now is they don't have the film of choice to work.  I kind of doubt that parts are all that available anymore too.

Being blind to the limited lifetime of modern digital cameras can end up costing you lots of extra money when Sony jumps from system to system with little compatibility between and you supported the abandoned system too long because the new system could not do what the older one can. Even if one continues to use our system we do have to plan the future. Including deciding if Sony has any future with us. Unless we are going to behave like children who think money is limitless. For the majority of adults money is quite limited and getting more limited every day.

Hi Walt - this seems a little contradictory... You can keep choosing to second guess what Sony might do or when they might do it and base buying decisions on that (and constantly try to guess the value of your gear in 5 years). If that's what you're doing then you're better off with one of the big 2 systems - but there's still not guarantee, look what happened to the value of the D2 cameras the day the D300 launched and beat it for IQ in most ways...

I cheat, the value of my photo equipment loses value to zero the moment I buy it with me, not as a photographic tool, but as money.  I normally keep equipment until it's money value is used up anyway, and if I need something new that's rarely counted as a trade with something I had except for broken things. So I'm not a investment trader in price of equipment  I work in the field of photography and my values for equipment is there in photographs taken..  By the time I buy a piece of equipment I know very well what it's limitations are and it's pluses.  And that's for me.  I've also evaluated alternate equipment even from other brands and which works best in my system.  Yes, a few times that may mean I place a pre order like with the new Tamron 150-600, but that received the same lead in, I'd been following that since the first rumors. And really farther as I know what I need to add to my system even if it's only a wish with no product.  In fact one of my early cons with the 70-400G was that Sony should have done a lens with it's long end out to 600mm.  The tamron 200-500mm lens itself who's design with only minor improvement has been around since before AF. I've thought should have evolved into something like the 150-600 rather than sticking at 500mm for so long.  I do have the Tamron 150-500 and it was my main long lens not that many years ago. And I did work on getting the message back to Sony and Tamron on these lenses that there was a valuable improvement to do.  Sony has only put out a 500mm to go with all the other 500mm lenses that are around instead of 600mm where they would have less competition.  And here's Tamron, they took their time but here is a 150-600 long lens that's probably going to cut into Sony's sales of 70-400mm some if not a lot, and will also cut into Canon and Nikon lens sales too.

Note also it would be pointless to be guessing what a specific model of gear might have in it in detail though there sure lots of folks in the forum that do exactly that and are approved of, if they guess what some thers want.  However working on predicting on what Sony might be working on in terms of individual technology and what it will do in general terms is what I do. Along with what Sony is clearly not working on and therefore has a high probability of not being there in future models which is also where it's worthwhile and is done as much by listening what management says as analysing what comes out.  Some things said when Sony first took over from Minolta are still in play even with the changes in management that have occured.

I'm managing a actively used extensive A mount Alpha system.  That is not a buy and ignore game but a active management game that continues every year.  And being part of the comments that do sometimes filter back to Sony, or help someone else with their system building and management is part of it.

Or you can buy what you need or want today. If it suits you and your a hobbyist then keep it - if the whole system dies buy up some used bodies on the cheap as back ups. If you make your money from photography then you need to be looking at this kind of thing anyway (I sold my A900 a few years back as I didn't have access to the lenses or across frame AF that I wanted for sports - now that I'm not doing that I'm back).

Try buying A Minolta MFC 1000 macro flash controller on the used market.  Because I did look ahead, ask questions and analyze. I did buy several many years ago and the excellent Minolta macro flash system is still a viable and critical part of my macro part of my A mount system.  I bought the gear well ahead of it dying under  Sony.  I did not just run around clueless until too late.

And what is this hobbyist bit? I've had offers from pros for that gear, frantic to find it.  Pros, if anything are more likely than hobbyists to not pay attention and keep shooting right off the dead end with their gear. Partially because pros are generally specialists and the brands they depend on keep coming up with replacements that will do their specialty.

I don't see that as being a child that thinks money is limitless, I see it as being a realist. Stick with what you have or don't but don't think that some corporation is trapping you or holding you hostage.
Here's a question for you - if you were starting today which camera(s) and kit would you buy if money were no object?

Probably Nikon, but with limitless money I might be shooting several brands.  I'm not doing that, however, I definitely do not have limitless money, I keep track of what alternatives I could buy.

You do realize that an awful lot of people bought into Minolta as the poor man's Nikon? Generally as good a quality and as innovative, but cheaper to buy into the system.  Sony is working on that being no longer true with their system prices, however.

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