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Re: Wrong - you need EC anytime you use auto-ISO

Ray Sachs wrote:

lickity split wrote:

wireless wrote:

I notice many people use A-priority. You can usually tell because you'll see EC adjusted or by the way they talk about the settings, e.g., "resulted in a shutter speed of xxx."

I switch to AP in a lot of dynamic situations where there isn't time to go full manual.

The thing is you still need to adjust EC on the fly which to me is close to the same thing as adjusting aperture or shutter speed in M. I don't know what the advantage is. Maybe a tad easier.

One way to have the best of both worlds perhaps is to use Auto ISO in manual.

95% of the time that's what I use. Manual with Auto ISO, it couldn't be more easy to make an adjustment ,just spin the front or rear command dial.No need to ever touch the EC button.

You're wrong. If you use manual with auto-ISO, the ISO will always increase or decrease to give you a "neutral" exposure no matter how much you change aperture or shutter speed to adjust the exposure. So if you want to over or under expose slightly, you STILL need to use EC to keep the auto ISO from over-riding your intentions.

For me, the best approach 95% of the time is Aperture priority mode with auto ISO turned on. Then I can designate the maximum ISO (and minimum if I feel the need) and the minimum shutter speed. If there's a lot of light, the ISO will be at the lowest setting and the shutter speed will be well above your designated minimum. If there's less light the shutter speed will stay at your designated minimum and the ISO will rise as needed to keep the shutter speed fast enough. If there's so little light that the ISO is maxed out and it still can't maintain your minimum shutter speed, only THEN will it drop the shutter speed below your minimum.

This is essentially the exact same logic I'd use making these settings manually, so having the camera do it for me is tremendously liberating and I'm not losing any control because I'd be making the same tradeoffs. Only in rare situations (wanting a slow shutter speed for motion blur, low ISO for time exposures, etc) will I switch to Shutter priority or Manual mode.

In any case, if you're using auto-ISO and you want more or less exposure, you still need to use the EC dial...


Your right. I had to get the camera out. I'm still a newb.  How I should have said it was ,in Manual mode with Auto ISO I use the front or rear command dials to adjust the exposure.. 

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