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Excellent thanks Tom

Tom Caldwell wrote:

nzmacro wrote:

Personal view only.

By the sound of it the EVF is superb !! Especially what its capable of, that appeals. The remote, very, very nice. Both very clever.

The Ricoh GXR, now aging, but surely still working as well as it ever did has a clip on evf which would be regarded as behind current technology, but it works and has that 90 degree swivel. It also works well with the two alternative versions of focus peaking that Ricoh supplies, see below.

That's from what I've seen so far. With MF users we can swing between a lot of mirroless options, Olympus, Panasonic ..... m4/3, Fuji, Samsung, etc.

Ricoh, which does try and give a little more.

And then there's NEX What I've always wondered with these other cameras that have adopted focus peaking is, are they as versatile with FP as the Sony. Do they have similar or are they totally different. That would be a deal breaker and so would front shutter. Then we have the APS-c 24mp sensor for cropping.

Ricoh focus peaking summary: Mode 1, similar to the Sony system but white flares only, does not have user adjust but does not seem to need it either as both Ricoh focus peaking systems seem to have their strength scaled to the level of magnification . The Ricoh system is free of ink blot super strength and has less propensity to disappar when the screen is magnified. More magnification steps and the level of magnification can be adjusted instantly and on the fly. Mode 2 does not seem to be flare base edge peaking at all, but something else and quite unique. This type turns the whole image into enhanced edge grey scale where all edges are highlighted. When in focus the edges sharpen and darken but even oof edges can be seen, always, even at full magnification. When the desired portion of the image comes into focus it literally jumps out of the screen, no more peering for faint coloured edge traces. In use this method at first looks odd but after using it for a while one starts wondering why anyone would use any other type. Because in focus is so very obvious it becomes very fast to achieve. Also the fact that it stays strong at full magnification the user can precise focus easily on the smallest detail.

Furthermore the strongest shot in the Ricoh FP locker is that it is only temporarily cancelled at soft shutter press, by releasing the shutter you go back to exactly the same FP screen that you left.

As a further benefit Ricoh focus peaking (both modes) can be used in AF as well. I wonder why this option is not on other systems. Certainly even when using AF good focus peaking can give a fair representation of the dof of the image which is a side benefit little discussed. Change the aperture and watch the dof change with it. This only works of course with their AF modules.

I like full screen magnification but variable position/size centre part magnification is part of the parcel for those that prefer it.

Personally the NEX-7 has been far beyond its years and its going to take one heck of a camera to get some of us to change.

Both the NEX7 and the NEX6 have more up to date sensors that the Sony sourced A12 sensor in the GXR with M mount module, but that does not stop GXR fanatics and the sensor was specifically modified for the mount module to Ricoh specifications with microlenses to better utilise wide angle lenses. The mount module is a faithful MF only replica of the internals of a Leica RF body and therefore there are few limitations on which RF lenses can be mounted.

If I was into fast AF, it would be a DSLR or an SLT. Thank goodness that doesn't come into it and allows us to simply change to any mirrorless camera or brand. Next camera this end has to have 1/8000, I know where that can be useful. I prefer the EVF at the left and not in the centre. I know the difference and have used a centre EVF before in the Panasonic. Doesn't appeal going back to that to be honest. Rear LCD screen, well if it wasn't there it wouldn't worry me at all. Its not used.

At the end of the day, why change

All the best and yep, something special needs to get the NEX-7 away from my hands. Maybe a new version of it.

You might get lucky Danny, cross fingers and toes and maybe Ricoh might update their GXR body and mount module. But be patient - there is not even a wild rumour that they are even thinking about it.

In the end I find that the NEX6 takes great images, I really like the evf and tilt lcd. I am less in love with the very basic limitations on configurability and the focus peaking compared to the Ricoh system is simply in the better than nothing class. My most recent love affair is with the tiny Panasonic GM1 - no use whatsoever for your style of work but an example that even a camera with point'n'shoot pretensions can have a much larger suit of configurability than my NEX6. Compared to the NEX6 the GM1 is a real powerhouse under the hood. six configurable function keys no less and five of them well-using the touch screen in a most natural interface, then an (up to) fifteen slot quickmenu. Sony should be wise to take a lesson there - compare the control elegance of the almost bare GM1 to the be-buttoned, be-wheeled cacophony of the A7 type.

Of course the GM1 is a world away from the user needs of those that buy the A7 type or the new Fuji so they are not directly relevent. And of course the focus peaking in the GM1 is of similar type to the Sony system, it might be marginally better.


Really appreciate that and nice to read. That Ricoh systems for FP sounds excellent !!. I would love to see that in the Sony's Tom. That GM1 is so tiny, makes complete sense as a good std walkabout camera Tom. Good sensor and pretty capable for such a small one.

I've wondered about FP from other systems compared to what we are use to in here. So this is a great post My curiosity has been satisfied.

All the best Tom and thanks again for that


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