Is A mount Sony's Titanic?

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Re: Interesting conversation with salesperson

Blair777 wrote:

I was in my local photo store yesterday (ordering my first Nikon) and the salesperson told me that Sony was selling well in their store and that of late their numbers had shown a significant increase. This store is part of a Canada-wide chain of stores.

I told him I was leaving Sony because I was not sure where they were headed and I did not life EVF. His response was that they were seeing increasing popularity in the Sony A-mount cameras. Just thought I would add another view to the thread.

Same question I ask every A700 owner "who doesn't like the EVF"  how much time have you spent with A77 and A99?

Felt same way.. two years resisted EVF.. after many times to dealer.. finally gave in because was not happy with stills from other video devices and carrying two to my kids school was useless.

Turns out I adapted and now prefer it after a few days with it.  No dealer experience can give you that..

Hate to see you go.. especially when Sony is turning out sensors that have Pros Drooling..  A7R doing better than 5DMKIII on Fred Miranda..

German Pro ranking A7r before a Medium format Hasselblad ..on a Youtube going around and expect that sensor to hit a-mount by Fall this year.

Nikon makes good cameras so don't expect any regret right away.. but I think you are leaving a good system.. and once you take the hit on moving and Nikon does EVF in 3-5 years.. What then?

Minolta was the first SLR with both aperture and Shutter auto.. Canon followed in about 2-3 years and Nikon in 7 years.   Minolta as first with AF (a gadget real photographers didn't like)  How long before Canon and Nikon Followed?

Just saying .. you may be going from EVF and IBIS  to EVF soon and no IBIS

But thanks for the info.. that's good to hear!!! 

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