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Re: Df viewfinder

This is hilarious!

NO EFV today comes even close to any optical viewfinder, regardless of whether it is a real pentaprism or a mirrorbox. The only advantage of an EVF is white balance appearance. In terms of brightness, sharpness, resolution, ... the optical viewfinder is far far ahead of any EFV, the last time I checked with Sony Alpha 77R, Sony Nex 7, Olympus OM D, Fuji ...

Posts like this are all! from mirrorless-camera-fanboys. What is the point of this nonsenses?

Also, as of today I would argue, that at least 95 percent of professional work is done with cameras with an optical viewfinder, including middle format cameras. And that is for a reason.

I am not saying, that one day, if and when resolution of EFV will step up significantly, EFV might become an alternative, but as of today, with a maximum 1,400.000 viewfinder resolution, it is several magnitudes short.

So get yourself a DSLR and if you see no difference, go see your eyedoctor.

BTW: Most of the mirroless-EFV-system-camera-companies will be out of business in due time. Most of them are not making money, mind you. Pitty, but true.

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