Why Scott Kelby really switched to Canon

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Re: Why Scott Kelby really switched to Canon

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Very Simple, Scott Kelby is a great photographer and guru of photoshop. Over the years he consistently has become a mentor to professional photographers. Include with that aspiring professionals as well.

Nikon no longer cares about professional photographers. They are more consumer oriente with the countless upgrades to consumer models d3100, d3200, d5100, d5200 etc.

Just like the rebel series? T3i, T4i, T5i? Sound familiar? At least the Nikons have up to date sensors.

The rest of your rant is a tired old record

Good point. While I agree with the ergonomics preferences of the Canon that Scott Kelby spoke of, it is quite clear Nikon is clearly well ahead of Canon when it comes to sensor improvements. For me, image quality is what matters the most. For him, he needs speed and apparently the Canons are better suited for that from an operational point of view.

I think to say that any photographer would NOT be concerned about Image quality is a bit of a stretch.  I suspect that Kelby values image quality as much as anyone else.  However I suspect that he hasn't bought into the Nikon fanboy hype, recognizing that from an IQ standpoint the output of whichever two Canon/Nikon devices he is comparing is going to be essentially indistinguishable which is the reality.

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