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Re: Tripod?

ne beginner wrote:


One thing I do know is you need a tripod and head that is designed to support at least the weight of the camera and lens. I would go further and say round up to the at least the next weight size for the tripod and head. To get the sharpest images you need the steadiest platform possible. That needs to allow for shutter slap, wind, etc.

Thanks for the reply.

The tripod is a good unit, should be good for the camera/lens weight. ] I should have mentioned that because your points are very good.  I read Thom Hogan's article on tripods before buying this one and spent extra on the tripod when replacing the one I had that finally went bad (it was also a little short and weighed a ton).

I am beginning to suspect the ball head because it is not a true gimbal head.  The pair worked fine with a D300 and same lens for shooting crew races and cars but I was shooting much faster shutter speeds and more wide open - so camera shake is more an issue than with sports.  I was trying to keep the shutter open longer here for the DOF.  I am also wondering if f18 is to closed?  Perhaps I am closing the lens to much? I can't find the reference article now, but somewhere read with electronic sensors as oppose to film you can use f22 and the like as well because of the way the light waves are collected no the media.  I read the article years ago (D70 time frame) and it may no longer be valid with the newer sensors.

A final note. Because I did not have a shutter release I used the camera's timer to release the shutter and just put my hat over the view finder to keep the light out.

Like I said in the first post, I am not selling my work and for the most part I am happy with the results.  I just want to get better at it.


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