Pentax K-01's "secret" TAv mode.

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Re: Pentax K-01's "secret" TAv mode.

Thanks for the heads up on this. Folks coming from older models may not be aware it exists.

I had this mode on my ancient Canon T2i (AKA 550D) and it became my preferred mode shooting pictures in good light of moving subjects.

I called it "Manual mode on training wheels".

The camera's firmware is abysmal for freezing action and my cheap lenses are not so great wide open, so I would set the speed at something good for the action/focal length and the aperture at something good for the lens and let the auto ISO fix any problems in the exposure.  If the ISO crept too high I'd open up the aperture then scale back on the speed. 
So when I got my K-01 I was happy to see the auto ISO.
I left my K-01 on a bus (amazingly recovered a month later) and while I was K-01 less I picked up a sony NEX-3n.   Unfortunately sony gimped that model of NEX in the firmware in several ways, the base ISO is 200 (!) and there is no Auto ISO in manual mode, a real surprise to me. So on that camera I mostly use Tv with a fixed ISO and  adjust the speed with an eye on keeping the aperture reasonable. Much more ackward.....

Thanks again for the informative post!

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