Beginner's question on A vs. M :)

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Aperture priority with auto ISO

wireless wrote:

I notice many people use A-priority. You can usually tell because you'll see EC adjusted or by the way they talk about the settings, e.g., "resulted in a shutter speed of xxx."

because with auto ISO you can specify the minimum shutter speed, aperture priority with auto ISO is one of the more useful shooting modes

it will drop the shutter speed and then raise the ISO to get proper exposure

and unlike manual mode with auto ISO, if the light gets to bright to lower the ISO, the shutter speed will rise

yes, I often shift to manual mode instead of applying exposure compensation

i use manual mode a lot with flash,

but a lot of things are 6 one way and half a dozen the other.

all of the modes have their use and there are different ways to get the same  result

i rarely shoot shutter priority

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