Can you tell the difference . . .

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Re: Can you tell the difference . . .

( on my monitor) For color, the first two are similar, but the second sky is better than the first. The first photo's sky is just not quite right.

The third shot has most detail, but looks slightly over-sharpened when looking too closely.  The colors don't look right to me - an unnatural tint to the sky. This difference may be attributed to the software you used if these were shot raw. The bird seems to have a yellowish tint.  Also seems ro have a bit lower contrast.

The fourth shot has less detail than the third, but the color is far better.

Without knowing what the bird is supposed to look like, I'd say the last photo was the most natural looking color for the bird itself, but the sky is just a tiny bit off.  And there is far less detail in this last shot.

I won't even start to think I can say which camera is with what lens, but I am on the edge of my seat waiting to hear which is what.

Thanks for posting Peter!

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