D800 Autofocus issues II

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seahawk wrote:

Do not get me wrong, I just wanted to point out that downsampling does not fix errors.

That depends on the error in focus.

A slightly blurred image downsampled to 12MP looks more blurry as a 12MP taken wit the same exact settings.

Well, I disagree on this. Of course, a severely blurred image can not be fixed by resizing it, but a slightly blurred one will no doubt look better when resized to to much smaller size.

And imho the D800 is noticeably more prone to unintended blur than the D700/D300.

That's not my experience. I have never got as well focused images as with the D800, the D300s was definitely worse when compared in 100% size. Perhaps some of that was due to resolution, but not all. I am convinced that my D800 is far, far better than my D300s was in terms of focus accuracy and speed.

But in my own experience the AF is rarely to blame, it is usually my fault. (not holding the camera well enough, going for a too slow shutter speed, one time even my own shivering from the cold killed a few shots)

Well, that's different, but it is actually very difficult to blame the camera unless you take identical images with all three. I mean, how do you know that in the same situation you would have taken better images with the other cameras? The D800 does not demand higher shutter speed, that's a myth, but I also go too slow some times and of course in that case it is a hit and miss. Byt too slow, I mean half of 1/FL without VR or 1/4th (some times even less) with VR, but in those cases it isn't the camera, it is me.

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