Contemplation on a Crystal Afternoon - SX50 with plenty of sunshine

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Re: Contemplation on a Crystal Afternoon - SX50 with plenty of sunshine

MurryG wrote:


I too like the ice shard pointing up -- looks like a snow cone machine gone crazy.

That snow cone machine really did go bonkers as there were crazy collections of "exploding" ice everywhere. I really liked those rising shards as the best example to include for the crystal afternoon.

I really like the the ice swirl abstract where you were looking down at the ice floe. Did you shoot it in B&W or did the angle and bright light just drain the colors?

As I was pointing the camera down, I was looking for a little bit of blue reflection for just a tiny pop of color in the abstract design. The angle of the sun didn't allow that, but I was just as happy with the monochromatic effect. Nature just provides beauty on so many levels, colorful or not.

I guess you need that X100 lens camera that Canon has the patent on to get your bashful eagles

If Canon makes the 100x, I would probably buy it if just for these occasions. Although as you can see from the number of wide angle images I've been posting, I'd probably prefer an 18mm-1800mm or better yet a 17mm-1700mm. Now those would be a lens designer's nightmare. But I can dream.

Good for you to get out in the cold and take some winter shots. Looking back at my OLD stuff I was much more willing to shoot in the cold than I am now.

I guess I am just a tried and true northerner. Plus it is good exercise trekking through the deeper snow away from the shore. And I do pack little warmers in the large pockets of my coat just in case. Since the cold is where the pictures are, I'll still keep trying to get there as long as I can.

Have a good SUPER BOWL weekend. I guess since I'm a native of Denver and the Texans went 2-14 I'll route for the Broncos. Although growing up in Denver before they had an NFL team I loved the Packers back in the Lombardi days.

My daughter is a big Seattle Seahawks fan and we've spent many a Sunday watching the games together. So you know what we will be doing on Sunday. I've been a lifelong Giants (along with Jets) fan, but I will also admit to being a closet Cheesehead in the Lombardi days. We do think alike my friend.

So enjoy the game Murry, and as always, thanks for your thoughts.


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