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Messier Object wrote:

Over the past 2 years or so my shooting has become more specialised to the point where birds have become over 90% of my shots. I know it won't last and I'll eventually swing back to landscapes and Macro, but for now it's birds and I've got myself plenty of (too many?) camera/lens combo options covering different lighting situations, different situations where weather, weight and bulk are factors, and of course different birds, static and BIF

This afternoon, in good light I laid out my gear in the backyard and took some shots of a bird on my roof, curious to see if in ideal light and shooting a static bird, I'd really notice much IQ difference

Lenses used:
ZD150mm f/2 + EC-20 (300mm)
ZD50-200mm SWD + EC-14 (at 283mm)
ZD300mm f/2.8
Sigma 50-500mm f/4.5-6.3 OS APO for Canon (at 500mm)
Canon 300mm f/2.8 L II + Canon 2xIII (600mm)
camera bodies: E-30, E-5, 5DIII

Each was shot hand held, with IS on, and I took a few frames just to make sure I got reasonably good focus.

The bird was at a range of about 25 metres.

To be fair on the gear, all were shot at ISO400, and 1/1600sec and I did stop down the 'lower grade' lenses just a bit - compensating in PP. I did my usual amount of NR in PP and also tweaked the white balance in PP just enough to hide any 'tells' that might ID the cameras.

The crops were roughly the same and I resized each to 1600p wide before adding the borders.

While preparing the images I lost track of which was which having simply renamed the jpg files with the last 2 digits of the RAWs

So here they are in random order,
any guesses as to the combo used for each shot ?





Hmm interesting post.

To start off with is the best is no 3


1 ZD 300 f/2.8 Very narow dof = 0.5m

2 50-200 with the EC14 F/5.6 with that DOF =1.4m

3 canon 300mm 25m f/2.8 DOF = 1.17m

4 ZD 150+ EC20

5 Canon Bigma.

I did notice however that the exposures of the bird where different which will affect perceived sharpens considerably. changes a expose a bit and that did sort of level the field a bit.

The 2 definites are

1 ZD 300

3 Canon 300

The others are a toss up.

I probably got them all wrong.

If no 3 is not the canon 300 f/2.8 I would have it seen to.

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