Q/Q7: Can't trigger flash via hotshoe?

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Q/Q7: Can't trigger flash via hotshoe?

A few days ago I wanted to  see how my Q/Q7 performs in a studio environment with remotely triggered flashes. I used a simple wireless remote trigger for this that fits on a standard hotshoe and has only one contact at the bottom - the big middle one.

Curiously enough neither the Q nor the Q7 could trigger the flashes with the hotshoe remote device. I of course tested it with other cameras - it performed flawlessly on a K-01, K5-II and even on a small Panasonic LX3 - no problems there. I checked every flash settings nested in the menus, tried a lot of different flash modes - to no avail.

It states in the manual that the internal flash won't discharge if a remote flash is connected - but with the remote trigger connected the internal flash does discharge.

I then tried a small Metz flash 20 BC-6 - it didn't want to fire on both Q/Q7 either, and again I had no problems using it with the other cameras mentioned.

I finally used a Metz 32 MZ-3 - looking quite ridiculous and huge on the Q - with a dedicated Pentax SCA 3702 adapter - no success again. But curiously enough on the Q7 the same instantly worked!

For a last try I switched the SCA 3702 for a standard SCA 300 foot (which has only the one main pin in the middle) on the Metz 32 - now it didn't work on the Q7, and of course still not on the Q.

What's up here? Why have Q and Q7 a standard hotshoe, but won't be bothered to trigger standard flash guns - or even simple remote triggers? Am I doing something wrong?

That the Q7 could fire the Metz equipped with the SCA 3072 indicates that maybe the Q/Q7 accepts dedicated flashes only - but this doesn't explain why the Q7 can, and the Q can't trigger even a dedicated flash gun.

What are your experiences with external flashes - both Pentax and non Pentax - or with remote triggers on the Q/Q7 hotshoes? And again: am I doing something wrong here?


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