14mm 2.5 vs 17mm 1.8

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Re: Why I went w the 17

Art_P wrote:

I already had the 14/2.5 (bought when I first moved to m43 because it was fairly inexpensive and tiny) But in practice I found it was too wide for general use, and not bright enough for my night time shooting.

I considered the 20/1.7, but looking over my past shots, 20-30mm is my least used range (guess I just don't look at things normally)

f2.8 ruled out the Sigmas

So when the 17/1.8 went on sale I jumped. And I do enjoy the lens- nice size & works well for my needs.

I'd say pick your focal length first, then see what lenses fit your needs.

Yes, I agree. I actually prefer 28mm to 35mm finding the latter a bit tight in many situations but it's a personal preference. 35mm does seem to be a more popular focal length.

Also note there is a 15mm f1.7 Panleica expected soon... Will it be sharper than either the 14 or 17? Fast focusing? Might be worth waiting to see how it performs.

Yes it will be interesting to see. I imagine it will be good though if Leica are going to put their name on it. The other 3 Leica lenses are very good.

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