Is A mount Sony's Titanic?

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Greg Beetham
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Re: Thanks! Another doom & gloom thread...

EvilOne wrote:

All I said is I dont care if Sony lives or dies because in the big picture of life, it is very small potatoes. I put people on ignore when Ive had my fill of the stuff I have no interest in. Even if their contributions at times can be very credible.. I just dont want to wade through all the crap and the sky is falling over a Camera manufacturer. there are lots of of good posts here.

You mentioned the truth... Is Sony going belly up? Do you know? So why perpetuate gloom and doom before it is announced. they also said the world was coming to an end and there would we world wide panic when our computers went from 1999 to 2000. All the Techno geeks and their followers had us all believing the sky was falling and when News Years came in 2000, it would be the end of the internet Nothing happened, yet the boo birds had us all believing the end was in site.

Here is the deal. no one on this forum knows what is up Sony's sleeve. So why assume the worst... its as silly as the pre Y2K panic.

when Sony announces the demise of the A mount, most intelligent people will realize they have to do something else at some point. so then at that point we will all just do what is best for us. Its no big deal.

Had Sony not picked up the A mount we all would have done something else. Every one was happy that Sony pick up the mount system but many still bitched and said yeah bit its Sony... some of those people are still here bitching about Sony. When KM gave up the A mount business.. " That was the time they should have made their move."

I guess some people will go to their grave bitching about all that is wrong with their life.. I know for me, IM going to the grave thankful for all that my life has been.

Bill aka EO

Bill I think the ‘boo birds’ probably did have some influence over the Y2K problem simply by raising concerns to a sufficient level for the internet network system (and lots of other systems probably) to be checked and updated beforehand to a degree that it was no longer the problem it could have been. Admittedly there were some who picked up the ball and ran with it spreading extra doom and gloom on top, nothing like spreading a good panic to brighten up the day.

As far as the A-mount goes, if Sony gets tired of it there is always KM, they would probably step in and take it back if Sony doesn’t want to play anymore. They still have the optical plant that has been making Sony branded A-mount lenses for Sony all along (only some of them) so taking over the body plant again shouldn’t be a huge obstacle.


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