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Re: Sigma SD1 Merrill instead of 6D or 5D mark III

scottyb70 wrote:


I had the Sony A7R and returned it due to raw file compression,shutter vibration, flares from lights at night and problems with the Metabones adaptor.

Raw-compression is not an issue - it's a minor thing compared to the issues of the alternative suggested here. Shutter vibration may indeed be an issue as the flares. It is certaiinly a camera I'm not going to buy myself either.

What about Nikon D800 or D800E? Both are much superior imagers too the Sigmas, for pretty much everying. One thing in the pocket-Sigmas is the size though which is nice, but you'll be locked to one focal length?

Sony's NEX-7 (or it's soon to be released alternative) might be a possibility too - superior IQ to Sigma and a small package.

Fuji might offer sometthing too.

Lumia 1020 might be fun too

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