Nikon 85mm 1.4D vs 1.4G

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...or 1.8G if cost is an issue...

I use a 1.4D from time to time for posed portraits - a more deliberate task - and I think it's fine for that dreamy look.  My partner loves it and that's what he uses most of the time.  He's been shooting longer than me and has owned that lens, I think, since it came out.  That 85 is still kicking along nearly twenty years later!  I don't know if either of the G lenses will do that.  I haven't been serious photographer for 5 years, let alone 20.

Myself I own and mainly use the 1.8G.  It's sharper, quieter, faster focusing, and cheaper than the D.  On the balance, I think it would still be an upgrade for the OP over the 1.4D and would net a fresh 5 year warrantee and some cash in the pocket if he sold the 1.4D.

Even compared to the 1.4G, it might come off the better choice depending on your needs.  Some reviewers note a couple of characteristics about the 1.4G which may annoy the OP - there's some focus shift and AF weirdness on some bodies, and AF is generally slower than the 1.8G - if only by a smidge.  The 1.8G isn't perfect, but its weaknesses are only two.  It vignettes wide open, and it flares against the sun. Everything else about it is absolutely world class.

Normally I'm not that bullish on a lens, but this quality is seldom available at such a low price.  I paid $459CAD for mine.  If I had paid $899, it would still be a deal.

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