14mm 2.5 vs 17mm 1.8

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Re: 14mm 2.5 vs 17mm 1.8

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Lenstip did reviews of both lenses, and the 14mm 2.5 is both considerably sharper than the 17mm and less expensive. Purple fringing can be controlled on Olympus cameras with a strong UV filter.


That being said, I agree that sharpness is not the only thing to consider. But it helps.

I am another looking forward to the PL 15mm.


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Looks impressive, unfortunately not made in 46mm for some reason!

A quick Google will find many 46mm uv filters from a number of manufacturers.

Would you mind very much pointing me at one? Lots of Haze 1A's in 46mm but I can't find a 2A which was advised.

Is perhaps UV(C) the same thing?

I don't think anyone offers a 2A filter in 46mm at this time, and other UV filters won't do the trick. You'll need to use a step up ring.

A couple of other options include buying 2A gel and installing it on the back of the lens, or inserting it in the camera, just in front of the shutter. You can find discussions of all of these methods on this forum.

Perhaps I could smear some on the sensor? Should be able to get my little finger in there!

This seems a prettty decent arrangement - not expensive NOR bulky either...


.. with this ..


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