Artifacting Issue on X system

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I like Lloyd Chamber's work --- for what it is

Lloyd Chambers puts a lot of time and energy into his tripod work.  Then he really pixel peeps to gleam everything that can be interpreted in his images.  I rarely have seen any of his images that really inspired me, but, I have learned a lot from his site.  I do have to decide for myself where I disagree with him, which is often.

With respect to the Fuji-X system, he bought a handful of primes and a body from that Fuji sale over a year ago and applied his usual tripod method.  He hated how difficult it was to adapt his shooting process to the Fuji gear and how the issues he had with earlier RAW converters to the point that he returned it all.  I can understand why Fuji wasn't for him.

But, to be fair, there's not that many people out there that put that kind of time and energy into a testing system that is consistent enough to learn something across a bunch of different cameras and lens.  He really isn't inconsistent on how he tests.

On his site, I first read about things like the lossy compression used in the Sony A7/A7R on his site and why shooting with two Sigma Merrills of different focal lengths made more sense for landscape shooting that a lot of the more expensive options.

If you are going to invest $10,000+ into glass and seek ultimate image quality, I can understand his point of view on mirrorless m43 and APS-C size sensors --- there is a greater risk these systems may not be around in five to ten years, but, then again:  how many systems with more than a three lens have died in the last five years?

But, where does he think mirrorless is *ultimately* going to go?  high megapixel, full frame sensors.  Ah.  I can stop right there, and seriously consider the Fuji-X for me personal needs, and remember to check on his site whenever I feel i want to dedicate myself exclusivity to tripod photography.

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