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Re: It's nice, but ;-)

nzmacro wrote:

Personal view only.

By the sound of it the EVF is superb !! Especially what its capable of, that appeals. The remote, very, very nice. Both very clever.

That's from what I've seen so far. With MF users we can swing between a lot of mirroless options, Olympus, Panasonic ..... m4/3, Fuji, Samsung, etc.

And then there's NEX What I've always wondered with these other cameras that have adopted focus peaking is, are they as versatile with FP as the Sony. Do they have similar or are they totally different. That would be a deal breaker and so would front shutter. Then we have the APS-c 24mp sensor for cropping.

The use of the EVF to provide a focus peaking view on the X-T1 is intriguing, and a welcome demonstration of how an EVF can do things an OVF can't. I use a Pentax K30 and a K5, the K30 Has focus peaking, although I believe the implementation is somewhat different to that of Sony, and the K30 is much nicer to use on manual focus glass. Both cameras benefit from the excellent Sony 16mp sensor of course.
As a non- Sony user (although I have reccomended the NEX range to others where a MILC seemed more appropriate than a DSLR) I don't see a lot of pressure on Sony, just healthy competition. The A7 and A7R are unique and certainly generating a lot of interest in Pentax-land, where the lack of a full-frame body for all our nice legacy glass is a hot topic.

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