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I am undecided between Canon Pro-10 & Pro-100 or Epson R2000 & R3000, however one thing that is putting me off the R3000 is the way the manual suggests I have to switch between Photo Black and Matte Black and that I will lose ink in the process.

So two related questions,

1, are there any R3000 owners out there who can advise whether this 'switching' is a problem or am I worrying about nothing?

2, are there any other similar quirks with my remaining three options that I ought to be aware of?

Of course any other observations on either of these printers greatly appreciated.

Thank you

The Epson R3000 / R2400 / R2880 PRO 3800 / 3880 and others share the MK and PK channel so when you do switch from Matte to Glossy Media your will have to do the black ink switch. In fact this is done automatically so you have no choice.
It will use up a few ml of ink every time you change media type. So you have to plan your printing runs carefully.

The R2000 does not share black channels so there is no switch, however it only has one single black per media type so they are not as good for B&W printing.

The Canon PRO-100 PRO-10 and PRO-1 have individual black channels. No black ink switch.


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